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WeeklyReport 8 Apr 08

Post by Brad » Tue Apr 08, 2008 5:01 pm

I don't have much to report from last weekend, because as forecast, it was pretty windy and most of us didn't bother wetting a line. A bloke did tell me through the week, that he caught a legal barra in the city reach of the Fitzroy River on a lure. That is the first one I've heard of since the flooding, so that is a positive sign. The four-day chart suggests we might be in for a decent weekend this time around. No one is going to argue if that comes to pass, that's for sure. The downside is that we have a quarter moon again on Sunday. That means very small tides and little or no run in the water.

That adds up to hard yakka around the closer islands, but better fishing out wide in the deep water. There should be a few Grey mackerel around this month, but they generally like a fair run in the water, so I'd recommend mid week trips in search of them. The estuaries are getting saltier every week, so I'd expect species like whiting and flathead to start appearing in better numbers from now on. There should also be Pikey (black) bream along the black mangrove banks, but I haven't spotted them yet. I've heard good reports of prawns around Port Alma and Gladstone Harbour, so maybe we could see another run in Coorooman and Corio any time now. I haven't bothered trying the beaches this year so far because of the flooding and wind, but if we can get three or four consecutive days of gentle breezes, I reckon there will be dart in the surf and they should be hungry. Lastly, in some years we see an early run of Blue salmon in April in Rosslyn Bay Harbour, so keep an eye out for birds working around the entrance.

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