Weekly Report 2 May 08

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Weekly Report 2 May 08

Post by Brad » Fri May 02, 2008 5:04 pm

The weather has taken a distinct autumn feel lately. That can't be a bad thing. Last weekend saw a nice patch of decent weather and boaties took advantage of it. Around 300 boats used Rosslyn Bay on Saturday alone. Although the tides weren't ideal, some excellent fish were taken, especially out wide and up north. This weekend and into next week, sees huge evening dark moon tides. The differential between high and low is monstrous and that will mean very strong currents offshore and in the estuaries. Even given half decent conditions, it will be very challenging to fish the bottom offshore in most locations. A bright spot may be pelagic fishing. There have been a few spanos poking around up north and around the wider bay islands and these big tides might just fire them up. I haven't heard any reports of Doggies inshore yet however.

Might be worth a last look for a prawn in the creeks on the afternoon low tides. The trawlers are having a bumper seaon along the coast and are working almost on the beach where they are still allowed, much to the general public's dismay. The water right on the coast is slowly clearing, so it could be worth a try for whiting and dart. There were reports of some Blue salmon around the Fitzroy delta last weekend, so keep an eye out for them from now on. In the past, Rosslyn Bay Harbour has been a good spot for Blues during May.

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