Weekly Report 25 Jun 08

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Weekly Report 25 Jun 08

Post by Brad » Wed Jun 25, 2008 9:50 am

Howdy Everyone from Stanage Bay and our Beautiful Islands. Well the westerly winds are with us and how cold it is. With every negative comes a positive - for us up here it means the Blue and King Salmon, Winter Bream, Spanish and School Mackerel will be thrashing it out on our lines. The negative with it all is our monster muddies have gone awall - burried.
With the good weather been and gone - once again, i have snared a few pics for you. Even Tony and I got out for a fish so the Gone Fishin site was put out on the boatyard gate once again. (naughty naughty) That saying "Live to Fish" how true it is.

The Oops report - there have been quite a few incidences since the last oops report - Black Teddy - ended up on the rocks (again) - Vons boat trailer (brand new) snapped in two at the boat ramp - part of the Newcastle crew ended up on the rocks near crab creek - a 38 ft motor launch had to be towed from Townsend island by the coastguard ( long day, and I shut the shop to give a hand). The Road report - The bridge is getting closer to completion and we hear from the council that the whole road will be graded in July?? With the livingstone shire council no longer in existance all queries should be forwarded to the Rockhampton Shire Council. Remember there is true paradise at the end of the road - if its too good - the paradise will be lost. So please stop complaining - it spoils your holiday and our sunny personalities. If you want a sealed road turn around and go back to 1770 / Agnes Water or Turkey, ok. Just make sure your bearings and all maintainence is done and drive to conditions - Dont drive too slow over corrigation, its far worse by slowing down. If you dont want to travel the dirt at night, then stay over in Rocky or Yamba. Ok all that said, how about having a captain cook, at the pics. Remember we are doing 2009 bookings now and there are still some vacancies from sept onwards 2008.
Til next time have a good time
Yours in fishing and crabbing
Von and Tony
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