Weekly Report 31 Jul 08

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Weekly Report 31 Jul 08

Post by Brad » Thu Jul 31, 2008 10:31 pm

Looks like a period of fairly decent weather ahead. A high pressure system should park itself pretty much over the top of us. That will mean cool to cold mornings and offshore breezes until about midday. Gentle east to nor-easterlies in the afternoons. There is a bit of a downside hough. It's dark moon phase. This time of year that heralds big low tides and huge night tides - equates to lots of run in the water. Offshore bottom fishing is going to be limited because of the big runs, but the hour each side of the tide change could yield results. I've always found night fishing around the closer islands on the dark moon to be fairly roductive, but fish in the shallow water rather than off the edges of the reefs. I erckon the fish move up into the shallows to feed when it's pitch black. You get cod, grassies and stripies mainly.

There still don't seem to be schools of Blue threadies in the estuaries, but odd ones are being caught here and there. The big tides can fish fairly well for flathead on the run out tides in the afternoons, so that could be worth a try. A few people reckon there are whiting about, but I've yet to confirm that for sure. It would well worth a try for a King threadfin the Rocky city rach of the river. The water is nice and green and the big tides don't make that much run up the top of the river. If you can find a few live prawns or herring, you will be almost certain of tangling with a king. There have been no reports of Doggie mackerel in the bay, or anywhere else for that matter. Everyone's hoping they will suddenly materialise from somewhere soon. It could be worth a troll around the wider islands on the morning tides. There would normally be mid-sized spanos around this time of year, so who knows? If it's good weather, you might as well be out there than sitting at home.

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