Weekly Report 5 Sep 08

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Weekly Report 5 Sep 08

Post by Brad » Fri Sep 05, 2008 3:10 pm

I'm back on deck after a couple of missed reports - been snow skiing in NZ. By all reports I've received since returning to OZ, I haven't missed too much. Seems things have been very quiet all around the place on the fishing front. It would appear that the unusually cold conditions during August closed everything down. Good news is things have changed for the better.

The first thing I noticed when I got back home and stepped out of the car in my front driveway was the "sweet" smell of trychodesmium (scum) in the air. As soon as the sea surface temperature starts to increase in Spring, the Trycho blooms. That normally heralds the arrival of Spottie mackerel along the coast. As we all know, Doggies have been conspicuous by their absence so far this season, so hopefully we'll see some Doggies and Spotties turn up over the next few weeks. There are large schools of herring around the headlands at the moment, so that should also help bring in the mackerel. Some decent barra are starting to appear in the Rocky city reach of the river as predicted. They will get more active as the water temperature rises. I'll be looking for whiting along the beaches now and there should be dart amongst them also. Offshore the bright spot has been the number of cobia poking around. They have been nosing around the islands and reefs in fair numbers and are keen to take a bait. I even heard of one around 600mm long taken off the wall at the mouth of Ross Creek. You should get a feed of pan-sized reefies around the Keppel's during September.
Good luck.

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