Weekly Report 21 Sep 08

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Weekly Report 21 Sep 08

Post by Brad » Sun Sep 21, 2008 4:56 pm

Howdy to all from Stanage Bay the the Swains Reef
Well Tony and I are supposed to be off on our trip - we just had a slight detour, via the Swains Reef, the T.Line and the Hard Line out to the Pacific Ocean. We were invited out on a mates boat J.C.Blue to have the fishing trip of a lifetime. Well I have never laughed so much, Im sure. I had a ball. We left on the tide friday - travelled and fished til dusk. The weather was supurb, almost a glass mill pond. Unfortunately three sets of eyes and the gps didnt pick up on the reef that we were about to park up on until the next tide. Words like, quick get to the front, and then everybody out and push, were to no avail. No damage either to anyone or anything - however, the fun had just begun. We decided to explore the reef by foot - there was still a couple of feet of water - and the coral and clams etc was fantastic - then a shark decided to chase Tony - yep it was funny - well at least when it swam away. The next happening was when, everyone bar Dan was asleep. Dan decided to have a fish - suddenly, his hand line took off over the boat at great speed, coming to a stop only after it smacked him in the head - the first aid kit was called for, he could have done with a few stitches. All patched up he continued to fish into the night. The weather continued to be awesome and we got some great pics (until my batteries went flat - onya Von), of all the places i have fished, i would have to say the swains reef, is the prettiest, most awesome, sensational, unbelievable fishing spots i have ever seen. Its like a maize of a giant jig saw puzzle. Unfortunately the Skip, Chris had to go to back to work, and the trip was over all too soon for us all. I hope everyone who loves the water and fishing can get a chance at least once in their life to experience, the beauty and excitement we experienced. Did we catch fish, I hear you say? The answer is yes, although we did do it tough. A lot of shark, in fact im now called the shark queen instead of the barra queen. Between us, we caught red emperior, stripes, coral trout, hussa, well a real mixed bag of reef fish.

Stanage is the closest point if you want to get to the Swains reef, closer than Mackay and Yeppoon. All up I think we did about 530km over the week end in the boat, something which could only be done if you have the fuel capacity, which JC Blue now has since being repowered with Honda 4 strokes instead of the ol, 2 stroke Mercs. If you ever want to experience the trip, however dont have the boat to get there, jump onto a charter boat, its would be worth it. The road into Stanage is good so I have been told by so many, I have to believe it. We will know forsure when he head out tomorrow to go on our trip to, the northern territory and western australia. Until next time, have fun and catch lots of fish. Sue and Mel will be looking after the show here until mid Oct then Chris and Neil until we get back.
Yea Ha! Im off. see ya. Von
sept trip to Swains Reef 018.jpg
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