Weekly Report 18 Oct 08

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Weekly Report 18 Oct 08

Post by Brad » Sat Oct 18, 2008 9:14 am

Can't we reverse week days and weekends? That way we'de get more fishing days it seems. Oh well. The mackerel have been hit and miss for the most part, especially around the islands and up north. There have been some decent catches along the coast when the weather has allowed, but I heard the shark packs have also found the macks and it's been pretty hard getting a fish to the boat in some cases.

Not much point talking about reef fishing, because the first seasonal nine day closure kicks in from midnight on Tuesday. The Fitzroy River is looking good, but our commercial netting friends are giving it one huge hammering, with more nets in the river than many have ever seen. Doesn't herald well for a successful Rocky Barra Bounty next weekend. There are some good prawns in the river and the odd decent King threadfin is being taken in the city reach above the netters. Corio Bay has had a fresh flush, so it might be bit slow for a while yet.

The first early season grunter have been taken up north from the wrecks and gravel beds, but they tend to be better after dark. That is when the northerly blows the hardest though. No reports of whiting in any numbers off the beaches, but I heard of a few being caught off the sandbars out the front of Coorooman Creek.

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