Weekly Report 12 Dec 08

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Weekly Report 12 Dec 08

Post by Brad » Fri Dec 12, 2008 8:32 am

It's been boss's weather most mornings lately - typical. But I'm sure some of you could take advantage of it. There are big schools of bait on the coast at the moment, so I'd expect to see some decent fish following them. Try the headlands just on dark or first light, or the beaches on the incoming tide. We've got the full moon this weekend, so this time of year it means very big morning high tides and lots of run in the estuaries. There could be a few grunter around though on the early run up tides. You could also try around the rock bars for a fingermark. There are quite a few around at the moment and they seem to bite best around the top of the tide right on top of the rock bars. Live bait or big plastics are working for them.

The immediate offshore forecast isn't flash, with moderate to fresh north to north-westerlies. That says to me stay home. A positive note though is the large numbers of crabs being reported from the Narrows through to Gladstone. Apparently everyone is getting some, so maybe that will be the go over the light moon? Best to stay in view of your pots though, as the raiders are out there I hear. House bricks sailing towards them seems to be a fair deterrent. Last thought is you can always join the crowds at the Causeway run-throughs. The odd little GT still gets caught there along with the even odder mangrove jack.

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