Weekly Report 12 Jan 09

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Weekly Report 12 Jan 09

Post by Brad » Mon Jan 12, 2009 5:47 pm

Well what can I say?
The northern monsoon has settled over the Cape resulting in a tight pressure gradient over Central Queensland. In a nutshell, that means
prolonged windy weather. Add to this the monster king tides we've just experienced and watching the cricket and tennis has been the best option
by far. I can't see any change on the horizon for about a week at least nfortunately. The crabs have copped a hammering as you would imagine and it looks like the prawns have been pretty well accounted for too. If you absolutely have to go fishing for therapy, the only thing I can suggest is try right up the back of the estuaries around the mangroves for Black (pikey) bream. They will take a yabbie or prawn, but the bigger fish prefer a fresh herring. The trick is to use almost no sinker and drop your bait as close to the mangrove tangle as possible, then hang on. A decent Pikey can break 4-6kg line with ease. The catch is if you go too heavy, the fish will shy away from your line, so it's a bit of a compromise.
Catch ya.

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