Weekly Report 8 Feb 09

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Weekly Report 8 Feb 09

Post by Brad » Mon Feb 09, 2009 5:01 pm

Still very little to report, apart from strong winds and potentially heavy rain this week. I haven't heard of a single legal sized barra being caught by a
recreational fisher since the season opened. Word is also that the netters aren't getting much either - what a surprise! Can't catch fish that aren't there any more.

But there is a bit of a bright light on the barra scene, and that is that there appears to have been a reasonable spawning again last year. Small barra fingerlings are starting to turn up here and there around the place. What is especially interesting is that there are quite a few different size classes out there, indicating a number of separate spawnings have occured. All we need now is about 200mm of rain in a couple of days this week to link all the freshwater nursery areas to the river so the fingerlings can get up into the lagoons.

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