Weekly Report 5 Mar 09

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Weekly Report 5 Mar 09

Post by Brad » Thu Mar 05, 2009 2:09 pm

I wish I could say I missed last week's report because I was fishing, but that wouldn't be true unfortunately - just very busy.
News from the water is generally fairly positive, especially offshore. The Fitzroy River is still pumping a fair volume of dirty water into the ocean, which has turned Keppel Bay quite green with low visibility. That has resulted in fishing around the Keppels being a bit ordinary, although some excellent reefies are still being taken in the deeper water where the fresh is sitting on top of the salt. But once you go north or east of the fresh water, things change dramatically.

Apparently there are Spanos everywhere, most in the metre size range, but with enough larger ones to keep you on your toes. Big Doggies are lurking
near the bottom up north and are responding eagerly to metal jigs. Throw into the mix schools of cobia and things don't get a whole lot better. Reefies out wide around the Shoals and Fern country are chewing fairly well too. Good hauls of reds and lipper have been recorded.

However reports from the estuaries continue to be patchy at best, with most going home pretty disappointed unless they snared a few crabs. I haven't bothered even putting my tinny in a creek for the past 6 months because it just hasn't been worth the effort. Our inshore fishery is in dire straits and I predict will colaspe in some parts within 5 years if the current naive management approach is continued. All I can say is there is an election in a couple of weeks and there will never be a better time than now to complain about our inshore fishery to your local
candidates. It's up to us to do something.
Recreational fishing is the solution, not the problem.

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