Weekly Report 19 Mar 09

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Weekly Report 19 Mar 09

Post by Brad » Thu Mar 19, 2009 7:01 pm

Things haven't improved around this part of the state. Another low pressure system is brewing as I write off the north Queensland coast creating a strong pressure gradiant along the coast. The result will be very strong winds for quite a few days ahead and rain squalls to boot. The rods and reels will remain stowed for a while yet I suggest. I've heard of a number of little barra being caught around the place in bait nets lately. This isn't a great surprise, as we know the last two years have seen good barra spawnings and recruitment. Fish born in late 2007 are reaching near legal size and odd ones are being caught here and
there. Little fellas born last year are up to about 200m at the moment. You can extrapolate from that, that we should see a reasonable barra season later this year and again in 2010. After that is problematic if the past is any indication - the commercial sector will effectively remove most them over this period so 2011 onwards is likely to be back to a very low biomass again unfortunately. Lucky there is no total allowable catch on the commercial sector eh? NOT!

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Re: Weekly Report 19 Mar 09

Post by pyeman » Sat Mar 28, 2009 8:24 am

looks like your on your own to buy out the pros Kim. people ive talked to want nothing to do with it unless the govt forces rec licences on them. good luck you will need a lot of cartons of beer donors to buy out the commercial sector.

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