Weekly Report 31 Mar 09

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Weekly Report 31 Mar 09

Post by Brad » Tue Mar 31, 2009 1:22 pm

I nearly didn't bother logging a report this week - what's the point? The wind hasn't stopped blowing for 3 weeks. There is a 1040hp high in the Tasman Sea, so no prizes for guessing what that means. The only fish I've heard of being caught anywhere, have been a few barra in the city reach of the Fitzroy River on live bait. They aren't big fish, but at least it's something. If we all collectively think about a favourable Easter, do you reckon it might make a difference? Oh well, it is Autumn which is statistically the windiest season of the year here in Central Queensland. We get a decent Easter about one in six or worse on average, so I wouldn't be taking a punt on it if I were you. But then I can't pick the footy tips at the moment, so maybe I'll tip Easter wrong too.

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