Weekly Report 15 May 09

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Weekly Report 15 May 09

Post by Brad » Fri May 15, 2009 2:41 pm

Things may be improving marginally by the looks of it. At least the high pressure system is predicted to weaken as they generally do this time of year. If that happens, the afternoons should be pretty good - just in time for another working week. Never mind, it's going to take at least four days for the water to settle and clear up after the fortnight's blow we just experienced. So if you're lucky enough to be able to take an early mark, or better still a day off during the week, things are looking pretty favourable for you. Hopefully we should see an inceasing number of Doggies showing up around the Keppels and the reef fishing will be OK.

The water temperture in the estuaries is already dropping fast, so expect to see flathead appearing and Blue threadfin too. I've heard unconfimed reports of some large whiting here and there, but I couldn't find any a couple of weeks ago when I went looking. I'm expecting morning air temperatures to take a sudden tumble sometime soon, heralding the end of autumn. Once that happens, we can look forward to improving conditions leading into June.

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