Weekly Report 4 Jun 09

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Weekly Report 4 Jun 09

Post by Brad » Thu Jun 04, 2009 2:58 pm

Conditions look like coming good over the weekend, then finally turning into winter during the week. Hooray! The moon is perfect for snapper at the moment, so perhaps the winter burst will fire them up? I like the last hour of daylight best, but the odd decent knobby always gets caught in Keppel Bay in the middle of the day. They like a very lightly weighted bait like a full or half pilchard or gar floated down. A berley trail will improve your chances considerably. Everyone is expecting the spanos to show up at all the popular locations. Similarly there should be Doggies there too, but I'm beginning to wonder if they still exist.

So far Blue threadfin (salmon) have been conspicuous by their absence. Historically, the full moon in June used to always herald schools of salmon in places like Coorooman Creek and Waterpark Creek. Maybe they will miraculously appear with the first south-weaterlies? I'd also be having a look for big bream along the stone walls in the mid Fitzroy River on the early run in tide. The key is the arrival of herring schools along the coast. Find them and you find the fish.

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