Weekly Report 12 Jun 09

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Weekly Report 12 Jun 09

Post by Brad » Fri Jun 12, 2009 5:51 pm

I wasn't wrong in predicting the onset of winter last week was I? Brrruuuurr......... But it will be a great thing once we get over the initial shock. Much of the fishery seems to have temporarily closed down with the near 0 degree mornings - no surprise. As things settle down though, we will see the inshore waters clear up and bait being pushed onto the coast by mackeral and salmon. As I predicted, a few good schools of Blue salmon turned up right on que last weekend, providing some shore-based anglers with a lot of fun and a good feed. They have gone to ground, but will reappear for sure hopefully this coming week. I'd be looking for them inside Rosslyn Bay Harbour, Corio Bay and Coorooman Creek as specials. The water temperature in Keppel Bay is tumbling and was down to about 21 degrees last weekend (even lower now I suggest). That has shut down the reef fish around the closer islands, but has seen the first few decent snapper coming aboard in the southern bay in particular. I reckon they just might be moving north with the cold and I won't be at all surprised to hear reports of knobbies this coming week.

A few nice Doggies were here and there last weekend, but no large schools as yet. Crabs were still on right up to the cold snap, but I bet they have retreated into their holes with their UG boots on now. I've heard the odd report of quality bream, so it may be a good winter for them this year. I like hunting them around the rocky headlands on the afternoon tides, or along the stone walls in the Fitzroy River. Pull your beanie down over your buccaneers and get out there.

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