Weekly Report 25 Jun 09

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Weekly Report 25 Jun 09

Post by Brad » Fri Jun 26, 2009 10:54 am

Looks like a fairly interesting week ahead. The weather map indictes a high pressure system may plonk itself right over the top of us. That takes me back to the 1970/80's when high pressure systems commonly positioned themselves around the Tropic of Capricorn during June/July and you could cofidently predict weather conditions a week ahead. Simply, it heralded three or four days of cold,calm conditions, often following a bit of an early morning fog. The Doggie mackerel would be around all the inshore islands and off Double Heads and everyone it seemed, was catching them. Could it happen again? Hhhmmm.

Anyway, it might be other species you'll need to chase, but getting offshore is a definite plan this coming week. The tides are pretty favourable for bottom bouncing, so a feed of reefies is on the cards. If the snapper are going to make an appearance, it will be any time now, so don't overlook a late afternoon trip this time of year. I've heard some Blue salmon schools are turning up along the coast and should progressively increase as we build towards the next full moon. I haven't heard any stories about fish in the Fitzroy, but the water looks good in the city reach, so you'd have to think some fish must be in there somewhere.

Finally, its time to get your supply of Ribbonfish and Yellowtailed pike for spano baits. But be careful that you are only supposed to have 10 Ribbonies in your possession - that includes what you have in your bait freezer. I didn't make this ridiculous rule, just reminding you about it.

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