Weekly Report 23 Jul 09

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Weekly Report 23 Jul 09

Post by Brad » Thu Jul 23, 2009 2:00 pm

Some half decent weather during the week just gone, but the tides were anything but friendly for fishing. We saw some of the lowest low tides of the year running in to really huge night time high tides. The result was a near 5 metre differential with tidal runs to match. I was going to head offshore , but decided to go to work instead when I realised the tidal impact. I doubt I missed too much apart from a lovely day on the water. Looking ahead though, after a period of gusty and cold south-westerlies this coming week, we might see the high pressure system settle over the continent later in the week, when winds will moderate and fishing conditions should improve.

Once we get past the monster tidal runs, fish should be venturing out ready for a feed. The water will be pretty murky from the big runs and it will take few a days of decent calm weather to settle. But once that happens, we should see some Doggie mackerel appearing inshore. There was an interesting an disappointing SMS to the editor in the local rag during the week. The writer was lamenting the excessive number of nets he encountered around the islands offshore from Stanage Bay and the fact that he couldn't catch a mackerel anywhere up there.

Many of us have always thought that the waters off Stanage and Shoalwater Bays were part of the annual mackerel migration highway, so when they get hammered by the netters, it shouldn't really come as any surprise that we're seeing less and less mackerel in Keppel Bay these days - they just don't get here any more. Further proof was a recent commercial landing of over 4 tonnes of netted Grey mackerel from around Port Clinton. Sadly what is happening is quite legal and you shouldn't be at all surprised at the rapid and possibly permanent decline in mackeral stocks in this area. The solution is simple - declare all mackerel species as line caught only and give them an even chance. Skilled commerical operators will still be able to make a very good living by trolling for mackerel and maximising their return by providing top quality product instead of the inferior currently product coming out the nets. But who is listening? Only us I'm afraid.

Try the Fitzroy River for King theadfin, bream and possibly the odd grunter. In recent years there have been quite a few decent flathead lurking along the edges of the sandbars downstream from Nerimbera, so I can't see why they wouldn't be there right now. Few solid reports of any significant Blue salmon schools in either Corio Bay or Coorooman. Like the poor mackerel, I fear they are succumbing to the relentless netting too.

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Re: Weekly Report 23 Jul 09

Post by robert » Mon Jul 27, 2009 1:31 pm

hi brad a group of us are going to stanage in a couple of weeks to do some fishing,
would you have any tips and spots for us
many thanks rob.

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Re: Weekly Report 23 Jul 09

Post by liam » Wed Jul 29, 2009 8:47 pm

Keep the reports coming brad iam moving to yeppoon in 8 weeks and iam soaking up all the fishing knowlage about the area that i can.
My son and i are keen as to get there and explore a new fishing area.
so keep the posts coming and any other info on the local area thanks.

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