Weekly Report 7 Aug 09

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Weekly Report 7 Aug 09

Post by Brad » Fri Aug 07, 2009 5:43 pm

It's been a pretty ordinary week weather-wise again. This is getting monotonous. Offshore fishing has been a non-event, so nothing to report on that front. The diehards have been restricted to the creeks and river. There is still the odd decent flathead working the sandbars. Try a herring or soft plastic on the bottom half of the run out tide. A few people have stumbled on patches of nice whiting here and there, but they are very patchy. The most common catch lately has been the good old Pikey or Black bream. To find these hard fighters, you need to sneak up the mangrove creeks and find a heavily wooded mangrove bank with lots of fallen timber in the water. The pikeys hang right in amongst the submerged timber, so you need to present your bait in the danger zone to tempt them. Often 4-6kg b/s line isn't enough to save you from being wiped out. I'd recommend you use at least 8kg line so as to pull most of them out from the cover. Pikey's will take almost anything fresh, but love a small herring.

We've moved over the full moon, so look for big Yellowfin bream working up the Fitzroy River at the moment. All the stone walls around Nermibera will hold fish and I prefer the dropping tide, but if you can find a bit of an eddy, the run up tide will also produce for you.The 4 day chart for this coming week is hard to read. There are low pressure systems everywhere it seems. If they stay far enough to our south, we just might get some half decent weather mid week. If that happens, look for me out on the water.

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