Weekly Repot 14 Aug 09

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Weekly Repot 14 Aug 09

Post by Brad » Thu Aug 13, 2009 4:09 pm

Is this still winter? I don't think so. What's going on?
We've been experiencing daytime maximums of around 30 degrees! I was in the backyard last weekend and sniffed the coastal air to find the characteristic "fishy" scum smell on the breeze. Couldn't be I thought, it doesn't come in until at least September, but sure enough, there it was in the waves and washed up on the sand. Then through the week I heard that the famous Gulf of Carpentaria rolling cloud had arrived a month early too. So the only conclusion is that spring has arrived way ahead of time for some reason.

August is traditionally the slowest month of the year fishwise in CQ, so I would usually suggest it will pretty hard going to find a feed at the moment. This has been the case recently, with catches small and scattered at best, but perhaps things will pick up early this year?. There have been a few decent spanos up north and out wide, but still no real sign of any schools of Doggies. Over the full moon, some quality Blue salmon and grunter were caught in the creeks, but otherwise its been pretty quiet. The local Tight Lines fishing contest was held last weekend and catches were generally poor, but it was a very succesful event with around 1,000 nominations received.

The forward weather pattern looks encouraging, so if you can sneak out during the week for a fish, it should be way better than working. Reefies around the Keppels are still reluctant to bite furiously because of relatively low water temperatures, but that will change rapidly if this hot weather continues. With the early arrival of the scum, keep an eye out for Spotties, a they normally show at the same time as the scum.

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