Weekly Report 23 Oct 09

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Weekly Report 23 Oct 09

Post by Brad » Fri Oct 23, 2009 6:40 pm

I've been pretty crook this past week with a relapse of the dreaded lurgy again. But I don't think I've missed too much on the fishing front. The wind has been blowing a consistent 15 knots plus most of the time, so at least the reef closure wasn't over period of calm weather. Trichodesmium algae (scum) has bloomed explosively along the coast over the past few days and there is now a brown slick along the entire coast, making swimming very unpleasant indeed. As it washes up on the beaches over the coming days, it will die and stink the place out unfortunately.

I still haven't heard any serious reports of decent fish being caught anywhere apart for the odd barra and King threadfin in the Fitzroy River. The forward chart predictions aren't encouraging either. We look like getting a week or so of low pressure sitting up over the continent. I guess there is some possibility that might bring a shower or two, but it usually doesn't do a lot for fishing. One of the few fish that sometimes does respond positively to a belt of low pressure are barra. That will be OK, because the Rocky Barra Bounty kicks off on Friday 30 October and it will be nice for the competitors if a few barra are on the chew for them.

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