Weekly Report 29 Oct 09

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Weekly Report 29 Oct 09

Post by Brad » Thu Oct 29, 2009 3:45 pm

This is starting to sound like a broken record. I wish I could tell you there are fish everywhere, but that just isn't the case unfortunately. There was a tiny window of opportunity last Sunday morning when the wind dropped right out, but while a lot of folks took advantage of it and hit the briny, catches were awful apparently. I was cranky that I didn't go out, but as it turned out, I probably didn't miss too much.

Inshore the scum rafts exploded and covered the water along the coast with brown muck. There were a few bait schools sitting just offshore all morning, but I didn't see a single bird or fish hunting them. My fish in my aquariums were not too intertested in feeding either, so go figure. I did hear of a couple of half decent flathead taken by people walking the sandbars in the creeks, but not much else in the estuaries.

Then the wind returned and it's been blowing ever since. Looking ahead, the weather chart isn't encouraging at least until sometime next week. A few in the know and with time on their hands have taken some nice barra from Coorooman Creek over the past couple of weeks, but remember the season closes as of 1 November (Sunday). November has never been one of my favourite months for fishing, but who knows what's going on this year? Things must surely turn around sooner or later?

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