Weekly Report 5 Nov 09

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Weekly Report 5 Nov 09

Post by Brad » Thu Nov 05, 2009 11:52 am

Retirees and shift workers were able to get offshore a few mornings recently. I haven't heard any reports from these excursions as yet, but the tides weren't too favourable, being quite large over the full moon, so I'm thinking it might have been pretty hard going.I mentioned the build up of scum along the coast last week, well, this week it has multiplied ten fold and now we have virtual vegetable broth inshore. It has been pushed up all the creeks by the big tides and will now die and stink the place out. The smell in the main street of Yeppoon is already unpleasant, so brace yourselves for much worse to come.

The scum has wiped out any thought of beach or headland fishing for a while. There is a school of thought that suggests the recent clouds of dust we've experienced have settled in the ocean and effectively fertilised the floating algae rafts. There could be some truth in that hypothesis, but in years gone by I can remember scum just as bad. I recall having to hold my breath for a few hundred metres either side of Williamson Creek on Lamermoor Beach when driving along the Scenic Highway to stop from gagging from the smell from the rotting Tricodesmium backed up in the creek. I haven't been offshore for quite a while, but I imagine the scum is also pretty thick out there too. It detracts from chasing pelagics, but bottom
fishing is usually still OK.

It might be worth checking out the Fitzroy River, as the fish could see it as a haven away from the scum? Have a try for a grunter or two and there were some decent King threadfin caught during last week's Rocky Barra Bounty donwstream towards the mouth. If we ever get half reasonable sea conditions around evening, it's offshore grunter time. Best spots are the wrecks and rubble beds north of Yeppoon. Trouble is findng a lull in the north-easterlies that pick up after lunch this time of year making the trip north extremely uncomfortable.

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