Weekly Report 13 Nov 09

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Weekly Report 13 Nov 09

Post by Brad » Fri Nov 13, 2009 7:38 am

It's been a pretty awful week for fishing, so scant to report. At least on the coast we had about 25mm of rain, which is the first we've seen for around 6 months. My grass is suddenly tinging with green and I'd better think abut the mower blades I guess.What an A-typical spring it's been? Never mind, summer is just around the corner. Stinking hot days with strong afternoon northerlies - at least that's what supposed to happen.

We're going down to the dark moon this coming week, so tides will be building progressively. I'm thinking the reefies in Keppel Bay might be out and hungry and should have forgotten what a bait looks like by now. Apart from those lucky enough to have scored a wide trip and filled up with Reds, the rest of us need fish in the freezer desperately I reckon. I've never found it so hard to figure out where to go to get a feed. Someone suggested NSW, and that isn't as silly as it might sound. If the weather does settle down sometime soon, it could be worth trying the beaches for a feed of whiting.
Good luck, I think you'll need it.

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