Weekly Report 27 Nov 09

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Weekly Report 27 Nov 09

Post by Brad » Fri Nov 27, 2009 4:52 pm

For a change, there have been a few fish caught around the place lately. A couple of early mornings allowed boats to venture offshore and some found a feed of reefies. Those who headed north had a very bumpy trip up, but found some decent Nannys for their trouble. There are currently more bait schools working close to the Keppel Islands than I've seen for many years. The bait are very tiny silver fish only about 20mm long, but they are schooled up so thick that the pelagics are gorging themselves on the feast. There are also quite e few small flying fish out there too. This all amounts to large numbers of Long tail tuna and mack tuna foaming the water - great to see.

Unfortunately for those hoping to lock into one of these surface speedsters, the news is not good. When they are feeding on the tiny bait, they are not in the slightest bit interested in lures being tossed at them. About the only way you might entice a strike is to use a lure the same size as the bait. That poses a problem in itself, because it is very difficult to find such a lure. If all else fails, try connecting a decent treble or single hook to a small barrel sinker with a bit of prism light stuck onto it and toss that at them. Chances are you might get a hookup, then the fun begins.

The algae (scum) has cleared along the coast, so beach fishing is back on the agenda again. There should be some reasonable dart around this time of year north of Yeppoon. Tides this coming week seem suitable for estuary ffshing as they build towards the full moon. Morning tides will become quite large though fairly quickly. Could be worth chasing a mud crab or two as well.

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