Weekly Report 26 Dec 09

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Weekly Report 26 Dec 09

Post by Brad » Sat Dec 26, 2009 9:10 am

I trust everyone had a great Christmas and is recovering slowly as you do. A lot of folks like to have a bit of a fish between Xmas and the new year, so let's have a look at the prospects. The four day chart doesn't inspire me with hope I'm afraid. It looks like showers and moderate easterlies, before a strong south-easterly settles in towards the middle of the week. The moon is also making, so tides will begin to increase in size also as the week goes along. I can't suggest throwing the crab pots in either, because the hammering they traditionally get in the lead-up to Xmas was no different this year. I can't imagine there are too many legal sized males left around the place right now. We'll need some decent rain to bring out the ones that stayed in the mud before things pick up again. Same will apply to prawns.

The estuaries look the go, but concentrate on fish is my suggestion. Chase grunter in the deeper sections and gravel bars and try for a fingermark on livies around the timber after dark. Dig a few yabbies and have a look for whiting around the sand bars and you never know, you might stumble across a homer flathead into the bargain. I would normally steer you and the kids towards the beaches this time of year, but the Trichodesmium algae (scum) has bloomed in major rafts this past week and all but beggared any thought of beach fishing for the time being. At least the big south-easterly that's on the way will push it onshore and clear things up for when the blow goes through.

There have been a few King threadfin in the Fitzroy River in the city reach, but you'll struggle to find one of legal size (60cm these days). No point talking about the offshore scene, because I can't see that being an option unfortunately.
But it still beats working eh?

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