Weekly Report 23 Jan 10

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Weekly Report 23 Jan 10

Post by Brad » Sat Jan 23, 2010 8:51 am

It's almost the end of having the kids home and taking them fishing. That will probably mean the weather will come good next week. There have been very few decent catches lately that I've heard of thanks to the relentless wind. Some speradoes have decided to brave the conditions and venture offshore anyway. They have largely copped a bit of a flogging for very few fish. A few King threadfin are in the Fitzroy, attracted by the taste of the small fresh water flow that came down. They are taking small lures and live baits downstream of Nerimbera.

Waterpark Creek has had a good fresh flush through it, but things are getting back to normal until it rains again. It's still wall to wall catfish above the huts, but in the bay there are pikey bream and a few grunter on offer. Some folks are still finding good quality muddies despite the hammering they are copping. The rains have created good conditions for prawn growth and there are lots in most estuaries at the moment. A lot of the prawns are on the small side, but are growing quickly. My tip is to keep a check each weekend as time progresses until they get to the size where they're worth targeting.

Barra season opens on Monday 1 February at midday. It looks like the fish in the river haven't grown quite as fast we predicted and many will still be below the legal length of 58cm. It's highly likely though that some larger fish from upstream stockings have come down with the flow, so there may be a short-lived bonanza again for our netters for the first week or so until they're all gone. It would be a brave person to predict the weather right now, as the monsoon trough settles over Cape York and tropical lows are appearing along its length. So see what happens and be ready to go on short notice if things come good - it's likley to be a very small window if it does.

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