Weekly Report 12 Feb 10

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Weekly Report 12 Feb 10

Post by Brad » Fri Feb 12, 2010 8:24 am

This will be a very short report, as fishing is almost a waste of time in Central Queensland right now. We've had big heaps of rain in recent times that has seen all estuaries running very fresh. The Fitzroy River is in minor flood, so it's out. Even the pro netters are having a very lean start to the barra season. I made the mistake of going fishing around the Keppel Islands last weekend (just desperate) only to find the water murky as heck and the fish somewhere else. This was because of the combination of the recent huge tides and days on end of 40 knot winds. It is going to take a fairly long period of flat weather for the water to clear up enough for the fish to come out of hiding I reckon. The water along the coast is pea soup and full of debris from the rainrunoff. About the only bright light is the likelihood that conditions will be perfect for another good barra recruitment into the lagoons. But the grass is growing like crazy, so there is always the mowing to do.

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