Weekly Report 18 Feb 10

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Weekly Report 18 Feb 10

Post by Brad » Thu Feb 18, 2010 6:46 pm

More of the same I'm afraid - rain, rain and more rain. But we really shouldn't complain, as it's been a long time since we've seen a wet season like this one. I've been reading my old fishing diaries from the 1970's and the years 1973-1976 were like this. There were minor floods in the Fitzroy River in those years and barra recruitment was terrific. If only we had a fisheries management regime that would limit the inevitable plunder over the next three or four years so the adult stocks can build up back to healthy levels again. It isn't rocket science, just plain common sense, but hey...

I still haven't heard of any significant fish being caught around the place, apart from a few decent reef catches up north and wide on the rare occasions when the wind has dropped below 15 knots. Waterpark and Fishing Creeks are running very fresh and the water is almost drinkable right to the mouth at the moment and is almost black in colour due to the high tannin levels. Coorooman Creek isn't as bad as it doesn't have a large catchment and the runoff gets away fairly quickly. A few barra have been caught there since the season opened, but most have been undersized. The odd decent fingermark has also been caught around the timber. There could be grunter there too, I just haven't heard any confirmed catches so far.

peaking of grunter, my old diaries reminded me that grunter used to be around after good wet seasons close inshore around places like Iron Pot and Cave Islands. I wonder if any still venture around these locations? Could be worth a try over the next month or so. All I can really recommend is keep the mower blades sharp and think how good winter might be this year.

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