Weekly Report 11 Mar 10

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Weekly Report 11 Mar 10

Post by Brad » Thu Mar 11, 2010 11:49 am

We finally had a decent weekend weatherwise and many boaties made the best of it. The car park at the Rosslyn Bay ramp was full. I joined the flotilla, but only ventured around the Keppels. I found the water extremely fresh as you'd expect and few fish evident, especially in the shallower waters around the islands. Once you get in 20m of water, there is saltwater under the fresh on top and there are more fish on the bottom. There are a lot of small reefies in the deeper water, plus heaps of small sharks displaced from the Fitzroy delta where they normally live. I lost lots of gear thanks to them.

Hardly anyone else was fishing around the Keppels, choosing sensibly to head north and east away from the fresh water. Interestingly though, reports from those who went right out wide were very poor. It seems best catches were coming from reefs halfway out - say between 40-60kms out.The Fitzroy is going to be spewing out huge quantities of fresh for at least another month, so write off any serious thoughts of catching reefies or mackerel close by until about winter I reckon. The mouths of the local estuaries are fishable, so try the gutters for a whiting and the deeper holes and channels for grunter.Apart from that though, it's still very hard going to find a feed close by unfortunately.

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