Weekly Report 30 Mar 10

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Weekly Report 30 Mar 10

Post by Brad » Tue Mar 30, 2010 6:54 pm

Well it's chocolate time again - beauty! But catching a feed of fish over Easter is going to be problematic. With any luck, the wind might just moderate a bit compared to the 20+ knots it's been for what seems to be the entire year so far. The weather forecast is still for around 15 knots though, so only those with larger boats should be thinking about heading offshore. The water in Keppel Bay is like mud as to be expected, with all the freshwater pouring out of the Fitzroy and being constantly stirred up by the high winds. I tried the beach north of Yeppoon last weekend, but it was a waste a time unfortunately. Just far too murky. Perhaps the beaches around 5 Rocks might be a bit more fishable?

That only leaves the estuaries. These of course will be the target of just about everyone over the break, so book your spot early I suggest. Any self respecting mud crab should be heading for the hills. Reports are that there are prawns in most creeks. This isn't a surprise given the prolonged wet season we've experienced, so maybe that will be the savior for many. The tides for the estuaries aren't too bad. I'd be chasing a grunter this time of year, as they are usually nosing around. Also try around the snaggy banks for a black bream. Coorooman Creek will be popular. Corio Bay may produce a few grunter too, but Waterpark Creek itself is still way too fresh up past Kelly's Landing. Maybe the best bet could be to head down to North Curtis Island. Try the Lagoons and Yellow Patch. Both these systems tend to be isolated from the freshwater from the Fitzroy to an extent. They should fish OK for a feed of whiting and assorted other things. I doubt you'll have the place to yourself though. Happy Easter!

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Re: Weekly Report 30 Mar 10

Post by Darken » Wed Mar 31, 2010 9:33 am

was just up corio bay this weekend passed, 1 grunter 32cm, small scrappy cat fish, No crabs checked the pots 4 or 5 times over the weekend, still Lots and lots of freash water up ther tasted the water at high tide and low tide both times no saltyness. it was good to get out of town but extremly dissapointng not to get anything. but one good out look is that we Did get ALOT of palmsize muddys in a couple pots so in the future it will be good. looking forward to the clean clear crisp salty water.

Ohh and we did see 2 crocs up ther sunning on the banks one was around 2.3m and the other right up the creek from corbets landing around 2.5m - 3m both looked very happy and healthy lets hope they dont get me and mates when netting for live baits.

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