Weekly Report 28 Apr 10

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Weekly Report 28 Apr 10

Post by Brad » Wed Apr 28, 2010 12:46 pm

There is very little to report because the weather has been pretty ordinary again for the past fortnight. Looking ahead though, there is a possibility that the coming long weekend could be half reasonable. The tides will be over the full moon and dropping off quickly in height. Offshore this time of year I would expect to find Spanish mackerel between about 5-7kg around the wider islands in Keppel Bay. They usually take a well presented trolled or floated bait, but will strike a lure from time to time as well. Some years we see a few Grey mackerel also around this time, but they are extremely spooky and show and go very quickly.

There are some nice pan-sized reefies on offer around the Keppels at the moment and out wider the usual decent run of Large mouth and emperor are hanging around the deeper fern country. The commercial netters are apparently getting some Blue salmon here and there, and I'm sure I saw one working inside Rosslyn Bay harbour the other day. They often work the harbour in May when the yorky herring turn up, so keep an eye out.

Coorooman Creek is giving up its usual few salmon, grunter and bream for those in the know. Corio is finally starting to get salty upstream from Kelly's landing, so try there for a few snodger whiting in the deeper gutters and around the timber for Pikey bream. Good luck!

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