Weekly Report 24 May 10

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Weekly Report 24 May 10

Post by Brad » Mon May 24, 2010 1:23 pm

I've got good and bad news this week.
First the good. Keppel Bay is full of bait schools and the hunters are hot on their tail. All along the coast there are schools of bait fish. As the moon builds to full this week, things will really hot up. Expect to see Blue salmon in numbers along the coast, in the estuaries and in Rosslyn Bay Harbour. Speaking of the harbour, it's full of bait at the moment and I've got my supply of yorkies bagged and in the freezer. There have been mackerel at Iron Pot, Rita Mada and the islands in the southern bay. There are also schools of Ribbonfish following the yorkies, so spano fishes get your little metal lures out and get some in the freezer. North of Keppel Bay there are sizable schools of Grey mackerel and a few blokes have been getting their share. Shame you chose to leave the backbones littering the beach at Sandy Pojnt though - lift your game.

There are still lots of decent steelback right along the coast and there's a pic of my PB taken on a Tassie Devil lure last weekend with this report. A few good grunter are coming from Coorooman Creek and I'd be lining up for the Blue salmon run on the full moon. There are also big heaps of steelies around the Cement Rocks. The usual reefies are offshore when the weather permits.

Now the bad news. [Edited: By Webmaster]
[snip] We have a 200m maximum net length in Keppel Bay unlike other places that have a 600m stock destroying maximum net limit [snip]. Hopefully our Fisheries Patrol Officers will be keeping a very close eye on these [snip] visitors. The sad thing is even 200m can take entire schools overnight.

It's time we declared all mackerel species line only like Spanos. What do you think? If you agree, tell someone.
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Re: Weekly Report 24 May 10

Post by mel01 » Tue May 25, 2010 1:55 pm

well kim your at it again telling mis truths, the pro you saw at the habour is a local and is from a long line of local yeppoon fishers. the reel has legal amount of net as i know the bloke personally. you should go fishing and leave people to do their lawfull job alone. you are so hell bent against comm. fishers so i want you to tell me where seafood comes from when theres no pros. i think you wish to deprive the non fishing public their share of the resource. i am a local pro and i go out of my way to talk to people and try to settle things down between all fishers but you just want to flog a dead horse. remember comm. fishers catch for everyone. cheers Mel

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