Weekly Report 30 May 10

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Weekly Report 30 May 10

Post by Brad » Sun May 30, 2010 8:01 am

Back to basic's this weekend as we see the winter pattern kick in. Light SW winds early morning but further offshore expect southerly's up to 15s. Keep an eye on the weather if you are venturing offshore as it can change around quite a bit during the day but as with all winter patterns the best time to travel is late afternoon as this is the calmest time and the grunter fishing is still the go. Up on the inshore wrecks most fish are being caught at night and over the last 2 weeks coral trout have turned it on. Now is the time to catch some squid around the islands - this great fun for the whole family. A quick tip when handling squid - grab them behind the head and face the tentacles away from you until they have expelled all the water and ink. Keeps the boat a lot cleaner, and we all know how hard it is to get squid ink off a clean white boat!

As the water cools most people believe that barra don't eat. This is not entirely true. Their feeding habits certainly change, although they do still have to eat. The periods in which they will feed are just reduced considerably. Yes this definitely makes them a more difficult target, but to switched on anglers this just creates a different challenge. Winter is often when some of the biggest fish are caught in very spectacular shallow water situations. Don't think you cannot catch them because you certainly can. Fishing is about learning and trying different things, so what a perfect time to put a different style into practice and give yourself a challenge. The rewards can be fantastic, and the days on the water can be most enjoyable, fish or no fish.

CANIA DAM - Mothers Day weekend So Dave and Clint (and their partners) braved the cold over the weekend and went out to Cania for two days. A crying shame as there has been a fairly major fish kill at the dam. With the influx of new water over the past months heaps of rotting vegetation has caused the water to roll over. Not enough oxygen in the water and fishes go bye bye. Not all doom and gloom though, this dam has a reputation for bouncing back extremely well, so I can see it improving a lot in the not to distant future. We did manage a couple of bass on surface lures early morning, and toga on diving minnows as the sun got up a bit. Definitely note worthy was the fact that both boats were lucky enough to see ceratodus (lungfish), in different parts of the dam at about the same time of day. This was great as it is a fairly rare experience.

There are a few fish around but inconsistent weather is making it harder to find them and the gates are still letting fresh water through every other day so the water has yet to clear. Big tides this weekend should keep the water dirty, so best to wait for smaller tides with cleaner water. Blue salmon and grunter will make their way up the river but the bait will come first.

Big tides mean it could fire right up this weekend. If you are crabbing get right up the back to get the last of the good crabs. As stated before this place can produce by far and away some of our best winter estuary fishing. The place should be chockers with bait over the winter period especially after such a good flush out. Shallow water plastic fishing is a fantastic fun way to fish Corio, allowing you to target multiple species with the same lure at the same time. Light braid, graphite spin stiks are certainly the best option to throw the right plastics and work them effectively. That's not to say that the old school gear won't catch you fish with plastics, its just far easier to get the desired action with the former. The bait fishos should also fair pretty darn well in the colder months with a smorgasboard of species available.

Blue salmon are running rampant in the creek, the yorkies are everywhere and the blues are having a ball. PRAWNS , CRABS, AND SALMON, The place is going off at the moment and looks like being good this weekend with the bigger tides it has stirred the pot up and its bubbling over. Get down there and take advantage while its fishing well these small fishing windows don't last for ever in a small estuary like Cooroman. And take a cast net there are prawns get a feed or just get them for bait. CAST NETS ARE $55.00 for a 8ft mono. Check out them at Barra Jacks.

Get in quick before the dreaded green moss sets in. There are some seriously good fish getting around the Port at the moment. King, black jew, blues as in salmon and fingermark. I wouldn't wanna be a mullet in the Port at the moment. This time of year is a big transition period, off the back of a flood, weather cooling, large amounts of prawn and mullet. Although it may be hit and miss, when you get it right at this time of year you have the potential to blow any p.b. that you may have right out of the water. Perseverance is the key. Again, Connors and Balaclava have certainly been the places of choice. Rig up and hang on.

Big night tides could be the key to spawning bream in the lake. Bream city!The cool weather brings on the bream. Live prawn, yabbies and worm. Don't be afraid to try small strips of oily mullet, lightly waited so it can move slowly with the water. Lucky craft pointer 48, Ecogear zx 30 and 40 and mx48 are a couple of lures the any die hard bream lure fisho should have in their arsenal. These little fellows aren't the cheapest lures on the market but they are certainly among the deadliest. These lures presented on light braid and fluorocarbon leader can be absolutely deadly on finicky bream. They also have the potential to draw strikes from the bigger more dominant fish rather than the pickers.

Matt - Fishing at the Weir is fairly quiet at present. Though there is a few redclaw getting around which will keep the gray nomads busy for a while.

The boat has been very busy with trips last Friday and Saturday as well as Wednesday and this coming Saturday as well, some good mackerel have been taken on the boat as well as some queenies and travelly the boys were impressed with the fishing on Wednesday as well as they are usually bottom fisho's that.

The tight lines fishing comp is the next big event on our calender so check out the web site and make sure you register and get the weekend off for that comp it will be the biggest yet.

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