Weekly Report 7 Jun 10

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Weekly Report 7 Jun 10

Post by Brad » Mon Jun 07, 2010 4:14 pm

Howdy Everyone from Stanage Bay, Shoalwater Bay the Percy Isles and all the surrounding islands and reefs. Well this last fortnight has seen good weather and fantastic weather - sensational fishing and crabbing by most serious fishers. The road is exactly as we like it, so dont complain unless you want our remote area to become another development disastor for fishers and crabbers. Just make sure ALL your maintainence is done on your boat trailer and your vehicle, thats all Im going to suggest. Remember the boatramp is tidal - meaning launching is maximum of 4hours before highwater and retrieval is 3.5hours after high water. Dont stress too much if you miss getting in to retrieve though just go have a fish at the jew hole for a few hours, just plan for it and dont throw all your bait out before you get back in. Try not to be rude at the boat ramp - its two lanes not one - dont get on the ramp then decide to untie your ropes or do maintainence or try to find your bungs or your battery is flat, remember its a pleasant community and the locals and regulars are all friendly people, but do the right thing and you will always be treated well. "hows it going mate".

I try and carry a huge range of get out of trouble gear and safety gear including marine radios etc, most if which i do not sell much of but keep it as a help to fishers in trouble. It costs a lot of money to contain these items, so please before you do the usual load up of bait and ice before you come up, give a little thought to us local Stanage Bay businesses whom are not thieves and will give the fishers 110 % of our time and knowledge when called upon. The old saying "time is money" and "our bread and butter" still stands to us also and with only 49 locals - retirees, man, woman and child - it is in everybodys interest for the influx fishers to try and shop locally to keep us all here.

As the fishers know me or know of me you will be pleased to know i am doing really well now, yep my ambition is coming back, my health is on track for a great future. I am encouraging my fishing buddies to email pics to me of their special fish and fishing antics whilst at Stanage so i can do up a huge 2010 photo board outside my shop and also some i will forward them onto this website for you all to check out - as its said a picture speaks more words or is that a thousand words. Until next time enjoy your fishing where ever you go and keep safe and happy - dont forget your wife either " happy wife is a happy life" - if she doesnt like fishing or boating - take her home a treat in a girly souvenir - from Stanage Bay Marine & Accommodation of course. Enyoy the pics - one of your buddies might be there
See Ya Soon, Cheers,
Trout & more trout.JPG
Trout & more trout
relaxing after a hard days fishing.jpg
Relaxing after a days fishing
An unusual catch and keep.JPG
An unusual catch
The whales are back at Stanage Bay
marble at Marble island  The Dukes Stanage.jpg
marble at Marble island The Dukes Stanage
Pier Head the mouth of Thirsty Sound Stanage Bay.jpg
Pier Head the mouth of thirsty sound

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