Weekly Report 9 Jun 10

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Weekly Report 9 Jun 10

Post by Brad » Wed Jun 09, 2010 11:05 pm

I saw a school of tuna hammering the bait a couple of hundred metres out in front of the main beach at Yeppoon this morning. That is very rare so close to the beach, so that just highlights how much bait there is along the coast right now. Rosslyn Bay Harbour has been chock full of yorkie herring for the past few weeks and bait schools are along every headland. There have been Blue salmon and steelback feasting on the bait, but not in the numbers you might expect. The spano fishers have been getting their supply of ribbonfish for later on, but decent Doggies are conspicuous by their absence. One can only hope they will show soon. The estuaries have reasonable numbers of flathead, but most are on the small side, just around the 40cm legal size. As you'd expect in winter, there are some decent bream around also.

Offshore has been fairly quiet unless you go way out where the reds are going well. It's been very quiet around the Keppel Islands as the water temperature drops to around 20 degrees. However it would be well worth a try on dusk around the outer islands for an early snapper or two. The big news though is the Fitzroy River. It is full of bumper bream along the stone walls. Many fish are well over 30cm, some over 40cm. They will eat just about anything remotely edible, but prawns are as good a bet as any. Down a fit further there have been some reasonable catches of Blue salmon on the making tides as well. I reckon you'd get a feed of bream right in the centre of Rocky off the rocks between the bridges. Start fishing as the rocks come out on the run out tide. Use a very light sinker and see what happens.

Could be a bit of a blow on the way, so let's hope the big high pressure system loses some intensity as it settles over the land as the week progresses.
Happy hunting.

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