Weekly Report 20 Jun 10

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Weekly Report 20 Jun 10

Post by Brad » Sun Jun 20, 2010 6:51 pm

Boy has it ever been a slow couple of weeks. It has been virtually impossible to catch a feed of fish apart from going over 80kms offshore. Everywhere the story has been the same - no fish! It must be the weather, as all other parameters seem OK. This week sees us building towards the full moon, so maybe that will turn some locations around? If it does, I'd be looking to the Fitzroy River for a feed of bream, along the stone walls, as bream this time of year should fire up on the full moon. Equally one would think the schools of Blue salmon should also make a re-appearance in Coorooman Creek.

The beaches have been dead as a door-nail, not even giving up dart. I spent three days chasing fish off the beach and in Corio Bay for almost nothing. Captag has even had its slowest trip fishwise in Shoalwater Bay in 10 years. The club has been involved in fish tagging and research in this pristine area for the past decade, so knows the place very well, but things were incredibly slow there too. There should have been schools of Blue salmon everywhere, but there weren't. When you end up resorting to bait to catch Pikey bream in a place like Shoalwater Bay, you know things are extremely quiet.

Water temps are pretty low, so that is probably a contributor. Around the Keppels the surface temps at around 20 degree, while in the estuaries, it can be down to as low as 18 degrees in places. However, one bright side could be snapper in Keppel Bay. Low water temps should encourage them inshore this month I reckon. We did tag a dozen or so small snapper (30-40cm) in the creeks in Shoalwater Bay, so they are around. All I can suggest is keep trying. Sooner or later something must come good.

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