Weekly Report 24 Jun 10

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Weekly Report 24 Jun 10

Post by Brad » Thu Jun 24, 2010 2:42 pm

Windy week, not the best for offshore but the future looks ok. Sunday looks pretty good so far with the wind dropping Saturday arvo; fingers crossed. Anyhow if all goes to plan then we may have a shot at the fish on Sunday. But read on the estuary's and rivers have been going well.

The dam has been tough, cold and windy with showers not the best barra weather conditions but on a bright note one of the guides on the dam caught a 1350mm fish, details a sketchy so I won't elaborate any further but would love to see some picks or get some details if anyone knows the story.

Cania dam has been doing it a bit tough lately. After the good rains a while back the level rose to about as high as I've ever seen it and it looked just absolutely beautiful. You could go up to the timber and keep going a long long way and it's pretty all the way. The worrying thing about having big influxes of water is the threat of the dam rolling. This is when the bad water down the bottom changes places with the good water on the top and eats all the oxygen hence anything in the way dies. Unfortunately there have been two fish kills since the Family Fishing Comp back in March. The second was only last month and the dam is still recovering. The fishing has been really quiet. The odd fish is being caught but way up in the timber where maybe there is a bit more shelter and shallower water. Another event happening at the moment is at the end of May the gates were opened and a slow release is happening for the next 50 days. This will drop the level back to about 20 percent or so. If it's not one thing it's another.
Till next time....

The river has been producing of all things a few barra, yep you heard right, Barra, not big fish but the water temp has been about 20 degree's and most people would think this is a bit cold but apparently not anyway there you go still a few around. Bream have been good size and found on the rocks, Blue Salmon have been caught on Flashers, and live herring, and there have been some good size steel back around as well up to 600mm not a bad size, these guys are ok to eat fresh but I'm not sure they freeze to well.

There have been some good flathead caught on lures in the last few weeks so if that's your go then give it a try now, and why we are on flat head we heard one report of a heap of small one's being caught on the southern beaches so they must be on the move. They usually start off with the smaller males being followed in by the larger females (females following males makes a change!!!). The other fish that have been caught up at the bay are Grunter and Black jew. The grunter have been on the wreck out front, and after dark the jew have been there as well. Remember your bag limits and size limits for jew 750mm and 2.

Not to much to report on Coorooman things must have been a bit slow but the tides look good for a grunter, try the high banks and give the timbers a try, as the tide turns to run in, the front of the creek is worth a try at high tide as there is a lot of structure which is covered by water and gives good cover for feeding fish, it would be worth a look along the beaches on either of the creek as this prime country for flathead all you need is a packet of plastic's and a spare few hours.

Grunter have been on the move again caught right up the back of the creeks on the big tides the word was fresh prawns and mixed in with bream, a couple of blokes were killing time while running their crab pots and find a patch of fish they caught 10 grunter and 4 bream in about an hour as the tide was on the rise. Just goes to show you, how many times do we say it right place right time, guess where they will be fishing next time.

Perfect weather conditions for fishing the Causeway Lake system, windy offshore so the lake is protected, cold south westerly's clean up the water and overcast so you don't get too burnt, and just plain miserable so chances are you will have the place to yourself. Go, enjoy, there will be flathead in the lake along with Jacks, Grunter, Bream, winter is the best time to fish the causeway but the barra which are in there are a bit sluggish.

Very Quiet, a few reports of Toga on small poppers in the quiet water and a few red claw kicking around.

Bet you the fish are getting as fat as fools eating the redclaw. Tonnes of Red Claw moving in the river at the moment. Went out on Emerald show holiday and put in 4 traps for half an hour and each trap was almost full unbelievably. 126 big red claw in four traps for half an hour fishing. Dog biscuits as bait. Redclaw were even caught on live bait while trying to catch fish.

Nothing happened this week so I will leave you with last trip. The boy's from Emerald were taken on a Popping trip by Dave from the shop and Graham the self proclaimed GT fishing madman. They had a ball with the smallest GT caught being a 950mm model and some big Queenfish as well all in all they had one of the best trips on poppers so far ever. The bite was on all morning and the boy's were nursing some very sore shoulders buy the time the boat was turned for home. See in store for Gt footage.

Tight lines fishing comp Keppel Bay check out the website for details http://www.tightlines.net.au
BIG news for this years BarraBounty, We will highlight the details when they are all available but I can tell you if you catch the right fish during the Barra Bounty this year it will be worth $20.000.This is due to the major sponsorship from Carlton mid CUB, this year will be the biggest with some great prizes up for grabs and some rule changes as well eg. No bait section at last I hear you say. This year will be the biggest and best on record and I can't wait. Some of the prizes will include Shimano/ Daiwa/Humminbird/ Minn Kota/Abu/ Tropical Ice Boxes/ Eva Kool/ Sunline / Lucky Craft and Loomis as well as a boat, motor and trailer package up for grabs as well like I said this year will be bigger and better than before so stay tuned and don't miss out.

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