Weekly Report 8 Jul 10

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Weekly Report 8 Jul 10

Post by Brad » Fri Jul 09, 2010 11:14 am

As I sit in the office at present it is bloody cold and miserable outside not good fishing weather although the day's leading up have been quite good, and for the guy's who can take advantage of mid week weather windows the results have been quite good. Still a few spano's being caught in the north around Flat Island on the troll and the new Troll rigs have been working a treat on the ribbon fish. The Mackerel have been big, so big baits have been the rage, also the Cobia have been around the wrecks. Seems they love the environment, and the bait fish that they attract. As the weather improves there will be plenty of opportunity to get out there and mix it with some of these bruisers they pull hard and can be caught on well presented baits and have been known to knock off a troll bait intended for a Spanish.

Plenty of water in the dam now and raining as we write this, so I won't repeat myself and tell you all about the big fish you can catch in the dam during winter, but give you something to ponder. Is it better to take the fish out of the dam as you catch them {large one's that is} or is it better to leave them in there so someone else can catch them, and how many times can you catch the one fish before he becomes clued up and say's no more lures' for this little black duck. I guess there's only two lines of thinking but I'm not sure there is one definitive answer. Happy to hear your comments.

We have just heard in the last few day's that the fish kill has got worse and now it seems that maybe it is worse than first expected we will get more info but for now things don't look good.

The river has this week looked as good as I have seen it all year. Yes the water was clean, hard to believe I know but it does happen and when it does the fishing improves out of site especially if you are a lure fisherman and there will plenty of those out there practicing for the Barra Bounty this year as it is a lure only event for the first time, and to back up the fact that lure fishing for target species is a fast growing sport/ pastime depending how much effort you put in, there has been an influx of new barra style lures over the last year or so as people try to gain an edge over the competition and some of these lures are proving very successful. Some very good natural colours and good depth and suspending characteristics mean that the lures are spending more time in the strike zone and that means more fish. Check out the new range of LUCKY CRAFT barra style catches in at Barra Jacks you can see why they catch fish.

An ever changing sand filled bay fed by a creek which almost never runs, that pretty much sums it up no wonder it is shallow, and at some stages when we have a big out tide reduced back to holes. But just because it is shallow don't be fooled into thinking there are no fish there because they are, just as you can get caught in these holes so do the fish, a bit like getting your car locked in the car park overnight. Now that's another story! Anyhow this gives you a captive audience and a chance to do some exploring, you can find some nice deep holes that can be revisited at a later date and also you may find some snags that you never knew were there take a hand held GPS with you while you walk around and mark these area's so you can come back to them and fish them at different stages of the tide.

The water is as clear as its ever been and the fish have shut down a little possibly because the water is so clean or maybe they just knew the crap weather was upon us. Anyway when an estuary goes quite during the day and the water is clear you can usually find fish in the deeper parts of the system or what quite often happens as well is the bite is better on the night tide so give the night tide ago if you can brave the cold weather. Remember put in the hard yards and reap the rewards or something like that, that's what people say when it goes well, when it turns to shit they say that was a waste of time.

Nothing has been reported from the Port area so all I can say is the small tides of this week will have cleaned up the water. So you should be able to catch salmon anywhere at present. And as last week. Grunter have been on the move again caught right up the back of the creeks on the big tides the word was fresh prawns and mixed in with bream, a couple of blokes were killing time while running their crab pots and find a patch of fish they caught 10 grunter and 4 bream in about an hour as the tide was on the rise. Just goes to show you, how many times do we say it right place right time, guess where they will be fishing next time.

Perfect weather conditions for fishing the Causeway Lake system, windy offshore so the lake is protected, cold south westerly's clean up the water and overcast so you don't get too burnt, and just plain miserable so chances are you will have the place to yourself. Go, enjoy, there will be flathead in the lake along with Jacks, Grunter, Bream, winter is the best time to fish the causeway but the barra which are in there are a bit sluggish.

Very Quiet, a few reports of Toga on small poppers in the quiet water and a few red claw kicking around.

Bet you the fish are getting as fat as fools eating the redclaw. Tonnes of Red Claw moving in the river at the moment. Went out on Emerald show holiday and put in 4 traps for half an hour and each trap was almost full unbelievably. 126 big red claw in four traps for half an hour fishing. Dog biscuits as bait. Redclaw were even caught on live bait while trying to catch fish.

Its getting to that time of year again when you need to book your charters for the end of year so get the gang together and work out some dates let us know so we can book the dates in the problem with waiting until the weather comes good is the dates are usually booked by then..

If you have any news on fish kills or things that are a bit unusual give us a heads up and we will see what we can find out for you .We have also heard that there was a fish kill out at Fairbairn Dam at Emerald as well so I would be interested on some more details we heard there was quite a lot of dead catfish, not that that's a bad thing I suppose but I would love to know the link between the fish kill's and the rain.

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