Weekly Report 25 Jul 10

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Weekly Report 25 Jul 10

Post by Brad » Sun Jul 25, 2010 11:56 am

I hope you have a few fillets in the freezer, because catching something fresh at the moment is a long shot. The weather has been and continues to be awful. What ever happened to the standard winter pattern of small high pressure systems over the centre of the continent? The result of this not happening is persistent high winds, from either the south-west or south-east. I haven't been offshore for ages and I can't even get inspired to walk the estuaries at low tide given the winds. The water in Keppel Bay is very murky as a consequence of the rough conditions and this is mitigating against Doggie mackerel (if there are any left of course) schooling inshore. It would have to be one of the worst July's I can remember.

I even tried the Fitzroy River last weekend for a bream or two and put in a hard 5 hours for two Pikey bream. Sorry, but I simply can't suggest anywhere you might confidently get a feed right now. Until we see a major change in weather pattern, things aren't going to get too much better. There are pan-sized reefies around the Keppels apparently, but few have been able to get at them. August traditionally is one of our slowest months here in CQ, so not much to even look forward to I'm fraid. Try golf or lawn bowls?

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