Weekly Report 26 AUg 10

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Weekly Report 26 AUg 10

Post by Brad » Thu Aug 26, 2010 2:34 pm

Well the weekend produced everything for the offshore brigade including a storm would you believe it. Yes Bruce was in the middle of it and if you listen to the stories he’s been coming out with since Monday it sounds like an extract from the Perfect Storm movie, anyway all survived that’s the main thing. While some crews caught good fish others went fishless isn’t that the way it goes. This was all part of the biggest and best comp the Capricorn coast has to offer. The Annual Yeppoon Coast Guard Tight Lines Fishing Classic. It promised to be good with some excellent fish caught the week leading up to the comp and the weather gods doing their best over the weekend like I said earlier it was all round a good weekend to fish the weather was great in patches and fair the rest of the time but the comp was a great success over 1000 entrants for a comp in only its 3rd year is a great result and all who help organize and run it should be very proud. And let me say thankyou to all the volunteers who give up their time so all the fisherman can have a great time. Well done and can’t wait for next year. Some of the fish we saw weighed in included Red Jew, 10plus kg, Red Emperor, 11plus kg, winning Mackerel 28.7kg if I remember correctly anyway next week I will have a full list of details for you.

The latest round of the ABT was held at Awoonga and to say it was tough would sum it up nicely. This will give you some kind of an idea assembled are some of the country’s best barra fisherman and women fishing in an impoundment that has a lot of fish in it. So why are they so hard to catch. The winning teams caught 4 fish and only the top three teams caught more than 1 fish with quite a few teams boating no fish at all. The only thing we know for sure is when they won’t bite for whatever reason it doesn’t matter if you are the best fisherman in the world you will struggle.

Still looks a million bucks the water clarity is good on the smaller tides and the fish are still coming through in dribs and drabs. Nothing over exciting, a few threadfin salmon a few Barra the odd Grunter and blue salmon and still a couple of crabs as well. We thought the weather was warming up but this weekend looks like being a freezer again so don’t put away the flannies just yet! This will upset the fish that were enjoying a rise in water temp as well. They will have to wait another month to see the Barra start to fire up.

One of my favorite places to fish this time of year, always something going on up there with flathead moving in to spawn and usually some good bream in the creek as well. The other fish that goes ok up there this time of year is steel back salmon or flat salmon as some people call them and you can catch them as easy as just by floating unweighted yabbies or nippers in the current they love them and they are great on the bbq fresh. They will also go a well presented soft plastic but only a small one they will follow the big ones all day but not eat them.

Some very nice Bream and whiting were caught in the creek during the Tight Lines Fishing Comp. The easiest way to fish the creek is from a tinnie but there are some good fish to be had from the bank if you know when and where to fish, so it should come as no surprise to you that you don’t fish as the water is leaving the creek. Now that I’ve said that I know there will be someone out there that caught there biggest flathead ever on the out going tide, lets just say you increase your chances of catching a fish if you fish the incoming tide, and there are some very simple reasons for this:- 1. With new water comes the food in the shape of bait fish making there way upstream with the tide. 2. As with the baitfish bigger fish also use the tide to get around the estuary so salmon, grunter, and bream also make there way around using the run in the water to help them. 3. And because you are there at low tide waiting to fish find a spot that you think would be attractive to fish say a small group of oyster rocks just out off the bank about 20mtrs and if they have some depth of water around them at low water then you can bet there will be a fish hiding behind them as the water runs in it’s a perfect place for an ambush Barra country. Be careful at Coorooman Creek as there are croc’s in the system as there are in most of the estuary’s up this way.

No reports from the Port over the weekend can only mean the weather was so good that everyone went a little further, and with good results. Some big Mackerel at Hummocky and we believe that is where the 28.7 Spanno came from that took out the Mackerel section of the Tight Lines Comp, well done great fish and also a couple of the Snapper that were weighed in came from around the same area. This is a good time to find a Black Jew around the head lands Mullet fillets are always top bait for these big guy’s and they will be around for a little while yet. The other fish that will be around at the moment is Cobia, and they will be around till the end of the year.

Perfect weather conditions for fishing the Causeway Lake system, windy offshore so the lake is protected, cold south westerly’s clean up the water and overcast so you don’t get too burnt, and just plain miserable so chances are you will have the place to yourself. Go, enjoy, there will be flathead in the lake along with Jacks, Grunter, Bream, winter is the best time to fish the causeway but the barra which are in there are a bit sluggish.

Very Quiet, a few reports of Toga on small poppers in the quiet water and a few red claw kicking around.

Tonnes of Red Claw moving in the river at the moment. Went out on Emerald show holiday and put in 4 traps for half an hour and each trap was almost full unbelievably. 126 big red claw in four traps for half an hour fishing. Dog biscuits as bait. Redclaw were even caught on live bait while trying to catch fish.

I have no reports from the weekend all I know is the boat was still not back on Sunday at lunch time so all I can take from the is they must have been having a ball I will have some more info next week.

The most exciting thing coming up from our point of view is the Barra Bounty.
Or as it will be known this year The Carlton Mid Rocky Barra Bounty. Thanks to the sponsorship put up by Carlton Mid, It will be part of the Rich Fish Promotion which is happening across the country in selected states ours will be Oct 1 and I fro 1 can’t wait not only will it promote fishing in our area but it will also give some lucky angler the chance to win $10,000 and if you are part of this year’s Barra Bounty and are lucky enough to catch the fish during the comp you will win $20.000 now that’s worth having a crack even if you don’t fish, This is how it works, Carlton will release 10 specially tagged fish at the start of Oct, and its game on, you buy a carton of Carlton mid, on the carton there will be a registration number, you go online and register to be in the comp, if you are the first person to catch a tagged fish you win the ten grand, if the prize has not been claimed by time the Barra bounty is on mid October and you are registered with Carlton and registered in the Bounty and catch the fish during the comp you win $20,000. So get register and dust off those old barra lures or better buy some new ones and start flicking them around, who knows it might be worth $20,000. Good luck if you need clarification or want any more info drop in and see Steve at Barra Jacks. This is not an advertising stunt and Carlton do want to give the money away, we have shown them that the chance of recapturing a tagged fish is high and 4 weeks ago they tagged a small fish on the Friday and recaptured it on the following Saturday they were wrapped and it just reinforced for them the confidence that it can happen.

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