Weekly Report 29 Aug 10

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Weekly Report 29 Aug 10

Post by Brad » Sun Aug 29, 2010 4:27 pm

Been a little while since my last report, but I've been on holidays playing in the snow. I managed not to break any bones, but upon returning home, proceeded to drop a heavy guitar amplifier on my big toe and crush it badly. It's got three pins in it for 6 weeks and I'm not supposed to get it wet. But I need to go fishing, so I'm working out a way. There has been some decent weather lately too that has cheesed me off even more. Offshore is fishing reasonably well, with quality reefies out wide and up north, and trout starting to get active around the closer islands. The water inshore looks perfect for mackerel and there are whispers of the odd school of good sized Doggie macks here and there. But the mackerel netters are also in the area, so if you find a patch, keep it to yourself or the nets will go in within a couple of days of you skiting about it and that will be the end of them.

Poor Corio Bay has been hammered by long commercial nets lately, and I notice a lot of hardly legal sized Blue salmon, steelback and even undersized Black jew for sale around the place. What a tragedy. I'd be looking along the Yellow zoned beaches for a feed of dart and the odd quality whiting I reckon. There are still flathead in the creeks, but again I notice "local flathead fillets" being advertised on roadside boards, so they are taking everything by the look of it. A couple of monster spanos were caught last weekend as part of the annual Tight Lines fishing competition, so obviously for those in the know, the mega pelagics are out there.

The Fitzroy River is full of undersized barra that heralds a successful Rocky Barra Bounty in October. The nets shouldn't impact on these little barra this year, but god help them this time in 12 months. Gotta look forward to September.

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Re: Weekly Report 29 Aug 10

Post by gar » Sun Aug 29, 2010 7:59 pm

I think "local flathead fillets" has a nicer ring to it than "imported basa fillets". would you agree??

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Re: Weekly Report 29 Aug 10

Post by fisher55 » Mon Aug 30, 2010 11:36 am

I am a regular fisher and I must agree that i would much rather eat fresh local fish than anything imported. This report is always so negative. Could we please just stick to where the fish are biting....

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Re: Weekly Report 29 Aug 10

Post by robfish » Mon Aug 30, 2010 6:42 pm

Come on you blokes leave Kim alone!!! Without Kims reports i would never mow the lawn....he tells us every week to do it my wife luvs him! we always buy fish because he says there is none to catch.

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Re: Weekly Report 29 Aug 10

Post by mel01 » Wed Sep 01, 2010 5:44 pm

Kim, i started writing a reply but it got lost. mate if it wasnt for the wind or pros you would be lost. as per so called undersized fish ring fishos and have your say. to the long nets in the bay well thank the yellow zones for that but you know who abuses corio this time of year not local pros. in past years i have towed many rec fishers back to the ramp but resiently i was in trouble and amos drove past me ignoring basic rules of the sea. i dont get upset as i could not leave anyone stranded but others do.i dont generally work weekends and mostly at night so as to keep the peace but there are others who dont care about others, these people generally lease licences and are on a gov benifite so dont care if fishery shut down. this has been said by me 1000 times and i will say it again, sack the pros and where does the non fishing, fish eating public get there equal share of the resource ? off the so called law abiding ammos in yeppoon. the only thing yellow zones have done is stop legal netting and ferals have gone mad. how many big breeding king and barra have been killed around toons landing at corio by ammo fishers with nets. shit loads. had my bitch Mel.

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Re: Weekly Report 29 Aug 10

Post by Davo » Sat Sep 04, 2010 11:29 am

Well Kim,
looks like you're trying to stop any chance of there being a Regional Management Plan put in place.
Without your negative attitude over the past years to commercial fishing which supplies fresh seafood to the wider community (which they deserve) we would have been a lot closer to having a Code of Conduct in this area for the benefit of commercial & recreational fishermen .

Myself & a colleague recently attended a meeting of Capreef & were very impressed with the professional conduct of the attendees. We would like to continue this relationship for the benefit of the commercial & recreational sector of the fishing fraternity. We were asked by Capreef to supply a letter of support from QSIA for funding for future management of this area to the tune of $315,000.

We are hoping that no negative comments or actions by either party will be made which could derail the going ahead of this application or further management arrangements. As you should be able to see the commercial sector is quite prepared to work with the recreational side.
Dave Swindells
Commercial Fisherman

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