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Post by Brad » Mon Sep 06, 2010 3:04 pm

Spring has sprung, the grass is ris, I wonder where the fishies is? The storm birds are calling in the mornings, the trichodesmium (scum) has suddenly appeared along the coast, the day time temps are back nudging 30 degree and it's been raining. The forward 4-day prognostic weather chart suggests it's going to be a week of 15knots or better southeast to easterlies. The dark moon also happens mid week, with huge night tides and very low lows. All that adds up to a pretty hard slog to catch fish I reckon. But perhaps it could be worth a try for a feed of bream around the low water downstream from Thompson's Point in the Fitzroy River. They should still be schooling around the moons, with best locations being the old wharf timbers and rock bars along the banks. You might even fluke the odd threadfin on fresh prawns tossed out the other side of your boat.

The scum along the coast makes it very undesirable to fish the beaches, so I wouldn't be too keen to try that for a while now. But further offshore, the scum tends to float on the surface in its early phases and has little negative effect on fishlife below. Often you'll find pelagics hunting along and under the edges of the algae rafts. Rumour has it that there are a few decent Doggie mackerel around the wider Keppel Islands where the netters haven't been yet. Doggies rarely school up round the wider islands in large numbers, so hopefully the netters reading this won't bother to target them because it probably isn't commercially viable for them. We can only hope. I notice a few lure tossers chasing barra in the river and apparently they are getting the very odd legal sized fish among the juveniles.

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