Weekly Report 12 Oct 10

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Weekly Report 12 Oct 10

Post by Brad » Tue Oct 12, 2010 8:10 am

What can I say? More wind than generated by an Indian curry party. I can't provide any encouraging news at all l'm afraid. Even before this latest gale, I had a look around the Keppels and found the water to be very dirty and full of weed. This is from a combination of the rough seas and fresh water pouring out of the Fitzroy River. So even when it does finally calm down, it will take a while for the inshore waters to clear up enough to fish. Up north there were few patches of grunter around which should stay there for the next couple of months all going well. It's been too uncomfortable for me to try the estuaries, but someone always manages to catch the odd feed. No reports of any decent crabs anywhere. Got be one of the worst starts to Spring I can remember.

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