Weekly Report 22 Oct 10

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Weekly Report 22 Oct 10

Post by Brad » Fri Oct 22, 2010 2:58 pm

Unseasonal crap weather followed up by more of the same has put paid to many a reef trip of late and the forecast is for more of the same, just great isn’t it. Look the weather has been pretty bad over the last few months so we are due for a favorable change, so all I can say is hang in there.

The dam has been fishing ok but just keep an eye out when it gets windy the boat ramp can be a bit tricky especially if you are on your own and the swell is rolling in, when you get the boat off the trailer take it around the corner a bit out of the direct swell or when you get back from parking the car you might find it full of water. When you get out on the lake they have been catching fish casting and trolling. 110 Squidgees are as good as anything when casting but we do have a bit more success on Castaic’s they have a bit more movement and are softer, more wobble more gobble as Paul would say. When trolling try a couple of different depth’s until you locate the fish, this is a tried and true method.

Good news on the bass front as there are some good size bass being caught so this is great news some more restocking and the dam should be back on track, with such a great dam out there we can’t afford to lose it.

Last weekend saw 103 barra caught in a Carlton Invitational Event but you guessed it no tagged fish was landed so the $10k is still up for grabs if you know nothing of what’s going on then read on. Fresh is still flowing but the news is all good, the Carlton Mid rich fish have been released into the river and the first one caught will be worth $10,000 - you got it ten grand. Now just because the water is fresh don’t think you won’t catch them you will and some young fella’s have been getting fish on dead prawns, so come into Barra Jacks and find out just what you have to do to be eligible to collect the money, or go onto the Carlton Mid web site for all the details. The fish were released between Gavial Creek and the 400mtr marker in the town reach on the south side of town that’s all the info I have.

Fresh will still be a factor up the top end of Waterpark Creek but down the front if you can get there as it has been a little windy. Should be fishing very well this time of year expect to catch the full array of species, Flathead, Bream Whiting, Salmon, Queenfish, Barra, Jacks, it would be possible to get 10 species on the one day. There’s a challenge for someone. The best I have done was 9 here are the species remember they all count Cod, Flat Salmon, Flathead, Queenfish, Stargazer, Bream,Whiting, Fingermark, and a green toad. Like I said all species count.

The easiest way to fish the creek is from a tinnie but there are some good fish to be had from the bank if you know when and where to fish, so it should come as no surprise to you that you don’t fish as the water is leaving the creek. Now that I’ve said that I know there will be someone out there that caught there biggest flathead ever on the out going tide, lets just say you increase your chances of catching a fish if you fish the incoming tide, and there are some very simple reasons for this:- 1. With new water comes the food in the shape of bait fish making there way upstream with the tide. 2. As with the baitfish bigger fish also use the tide to get around the estuary so salmon, grunter, and bream also make their way around using the run in the water to help them. And because you are there at low tide waiting to fish find a spot that you think would be attractive to fish say a small group of oyster rocks just out off the bank about 20mtrs and if they have some depth of water around them at low water then you can bet there will be a fish hiding behind them as the water runs in it’s a perfect place for an ambush Barra country. Be careful at Coorooman Creek as there are croc’s in the system as there are in most of the estuary’s up this way.

Some nice barra have been caught down Raglan Creek and also at the main rocks in the channel upstream from the ramp they were all caught on live mullet and on shallow Nilsmaster lures sometimes the old favorites still catch fish, give them a try this weekend when the weather clears up a bit.

Perfect weather conditions for fishing the Causeway Lake system, windy offshore so the lake is protected, cold south westerly’s clean up the water and overcast so you don’t get too burnt, and just plain miserable so chances are you will have the place to yourself. Go, enjoy, there will be flathead in the lake along with Jacks, Grunter, Bream, winter is the best time to fish the causeway but the barra which are in there are a bit sluggish.

Lots and lots of good Yellowbelly are being caught below the Bedford Weir as the water continues to come down. All fish were caught on worms in close to the bank as the fish were actively feeding. Other species are also on offer as well on the same bait, Eel tail cat fish, Silver perch, Black bream, Spangled perch and the odd Barra. Most yellowbelly caught are fat and full of roe so be mindful if your taking home a feed. COMET RIVER (Matthew) Still flowing, the redclaw will be thriving. Barra are also in this system, before the flow good barra were caught just at the crossing on the Capricorn Highway on gold Bombers when the water was clear.

We got so desperate with the weather that we took a charter to Keppel for a day. They caught over 100 fish for the day not all legal of cause but they were kept busy for the whole day some good fish but nothing huge, Blue tooth, Sweetlip, Cod, Moke, not Coke or as we like to call them sand Snapper, sound better did not even see a Mackerel but all had a great time.

The good news is the Carlton Mid Rich fish Promotion will still go ahead so although the river will experience a minor flood the fish will still be tagged and the $ 10,000 will still be up for grabs.

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