Weekly Report 4 Dec 10

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Weekly Report 4 Dec 10

Post by Brad » Thu Dec 02, 2010 7:44 pm

Howdy to all fishers from Stanage Bay, Shoalwater Bay, The Swains & surrounding islands. Theres not much to report on this week, rain & wind. There has been quite a few crabs caught, although the quality and size are not worth bragging about nor keeping the little critters. Most people are gearing up for the silly season leaving my rentals empty and the rest of the town like a ghost town as to say. Tony and I went for a short trip this year in october, we circumnavigated lake eyre, the ol birdsville track, karumba and back down the coast home. We had been most places before, however it was in dry times what was dust and red was now all different hues of green, beautiful. We caught no fish whilst away this year, oh yea catfish and one little barra in the fresh. It was a great fun little trip though.

The locals never weigh in any of their fish or crabs anymore. I did however spring by accident a couple of locals with their visiting mates with a lot of schoolie Jew fish, they bagged out daily, since we came home from our trip ( 26th Oct. 2010). A couple of the pro. crabbers have put their pots in the water a month earlier than ever before up here. normally, well since the 80's, the pro's have spelled the area from July to December each year, giving our crabs a few extra months to do their thing and make that shell change a couple more times. Unfortunately it means one in all in, thus, i believe, in the future our crabs will be like the rest in qld, smaller ?? Also when we got back from our trip the blue and king salmon were still here, normally they are well and truely gone by the end of september.

Remember, we have had a lot of rain at the begining of the year and its still raining on and off, so the old saying drought on land, drought at sea, flood on land, flood at sea, hopefully we will be flooded with fish and crabs in 2011. I have been here since the early 80's and i can honestly say the weather is just like it was back then.....lets hope the water gives us abundant seafood to go with the rain like the 80's. The road so far is keeping pretty good. We went to rocky on monday and there was a few small pot holes. Torilla (the property halfway) is probably the worst for pot holes. I had a couple fellas in this morning and they thought the road was good. Remember just make sure your maintainence is up to scratch and drive to conditions and you will never have a problem. if you have a uhf radio inyour car, then once you get off the highway and on the stanage bay road, change channels to number 4 instead of 40.

most cattle properties are on uhf channel 4 as well as the plumtree store and most of us up here ok. The ABC was up recently and did a bit of a story on Stanage Bay its online http://www.ABC.com.au go to capricornia, hooked on stanage bay & spirited stanage bay i think will get you there. until next time have a gander at the scenery on the way to the bay.
cheers von
SEPT 2010 this is what stanage is all about - relax !! 002.jpg
SEPT 2010 this is what stanage is all about - relax !! 003.jpg

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