Weekly Report 14 Dec 10

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Weekly Report 14 Dec 10

Post by Brad » Tue Dec 14, 2010 6:38 pm

Please take this as entertainment rather than info as we are having a shocker here weather wise and this weekend although ok wind wise we could be in for some more rain yeh for us!!! The fresh is now hammering out into the ocean and the species are getting a bit mixed up it is possible to go for a troll around the islands and hook a yellowbelly or even catch an eel while bottom fishing at 40 acre paddock don’t be too surprised to see a snake neck tortoise walking up the beach at Yeppoon or catch a Barcoo Grunter in Coorooman Creek. The Saratoga will have moved in at Lisa Jane and the Spangled Perch have taken over the wreck at Stockyard Point, if you are out and about this weekend bare this in mind we may have a significant rain event I think that’s what they are calling them now days we used to say it’s going to piss down but let’s keep up with the times if you are down at the coast or down at Port Alma you have to get home both roads will probably suffer some flooding. Keep an ear out and remember the water goes down as fast as it comes up don’t be impatient wait until it’s safe to cross we don’t want any more tragedies around our area over the coming weeks!!

The best spot to wet a line in or around Gladstone this weekend. The dam has been going quite well and will get better as the water warms up. Best lures are still the Berkley Mullets and the Squidgee’s in the 110mm or 130mm size, see size does matter. The area up the back near the bush camp has been fishing well and most of the fish at that end have been trolled up so either way you are a good chance of a fish I would say the dam is fishing as well this year as it did last year so if you are in the area give it a go.


Has had a good fresh run, it will be fishable but check the roads they can get washed out if you can get to the front happy day’s you will get fish. Barra and jacks will still be active in the fresh water and you would be surprised how much fresh some species will handle even queenfish will mix it up in the fresh run off.

Crabs maybe the best bet but check the weather conditions nobody enjoy’s fishing in the rain same as Corio Barra and jacks will still be active but don’t be too surprised at what might show up. Probably Red Claw in the crab pots.

Quiet as a church mouse we have heard nothing from Port Alma except a few crabs but that is to be expected as the fresh is moving through everything. So all I can say is go give it a go some of the other estuaries have been going well so it should be no different but tides have been a bit on the large side for the Port so maybe with a smaller tide it will go better. Find the clean water find the fish.

Some good fish have come out of the causeway of late Trevelly, Jack, Grunter have all come from the last set of big tides that ran through so when next it runs give it a go remember no run no fun. The causeway needs a big tide to run into the lake 3.9 or better.

Most if not all creeks and rivers around our area are in some stage of flood so be careful.


At last some reasonable weather the boat is going on Saturday check out what they caught next week

You will hear and see plenty of concern for the fish that are dying from the flood water around the area Please don’t be too concerned as this is a natural event although a bit confronting for people who have not seen it before. The water gets too high to fast and the result is black water with no oxygen content this is not good for fish. The water turns because of the gasses produced as the vegetation rots under the water, it leaves a trail of dead fish but just as the fish kill at Cania Dam earlier in the year the water way will bounce back and there will have been thousands of Barra making their way to the river as the water ran so for the hundreds of dead one’s there will be far more that survived but you just don’t see them.

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