Weekly Report 21 Dec 10

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Weekly Report 21 Dec 10

Post by Brad » Tue Dec 21, 2010 7:26 am

Season's greetings to all.
What a year it's been. For me it's been one of the poorest fishing-wise for a very long time. Readers will probably blame my fishing skills, but really it's been a weather thing in the main. But no use crying over spilt milk I guess. For those lucky enough to be on holidays already, last Wednesday was decent day for a change. No doubt a lot of boats hit the water. Reports from crews who went wide and north are that once you escape the freshwater plum from the Fitzroy River, the fish are on the chew. Good catches of quality reds came from the bottom, while spanos kept the surface anglers more than happy. I see no reason why this won't continue when and if we get another tiny window of opportunity.

In Keppel Bay there is a constant 2 knot south-north current as a result of the freshwater from the river. On the mornings when the wind was offshore, you could actually see the freshwater surges pushing north along the coast. There are a few decent crabs outside the freshwater influence in the Narrows, but competition for them is huge. I checked out Waterpark Creek and not surprisingly found it very tannin in colour right down into Corio Bay. Catfish are a problem, but there are a few grunter amongst them towards the front of the bay. There are a lot of very small prawns in the estuaries, but they are at least 2 to 3 weeks off being worth chasing. Leave them to grow for new year.

The 4 day chart looks horrible yet again I'm afraid. The prediction is for a low to form up off the north Queensland coast, causing more rain and onshore winds right through to Christmas day - beauty! The humidity lately has been oppressive, so let's hope the onshore winds knock that down a peg or two at least. So best wishes to all and a safe holiday season. All we can do is look forward to a better 2011 on the water.

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