Weekly Report 5 Feb 11

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Weekly Report 5 Feb 11

Post by Brad » Sat Feb 05, 2011 8:39 am

Howdy all fishers from Stanage Bay, Shoalwater Bay and Surrounding Islands
The Cyclones have been and gone along with the wind and rain for us guys up here. The muddies are still plentiful. There has been no one fishing up here for months so both the estuary and the reef are having a long spell and should be abundant with fish. In our estuary ( Thirsty Sound) the biproduct of the crab pots at the moment are barra, salmon both king and blue, bream and cod. If we are catching those fish in crab pots on a daily basis imagine what one could catch on a line with prawn or squid for bait or a live mullet or lure.

The council have graded the really bad parts of the road on the way in. ( we just drove in to rocky and out yesterday) Anyway getting to the cattle property "Stanage Bay", the council have parked up ready to start the big road overhaul from this end to the highway, which is actually the start of the Stanage Bay road for you guys coming up. I hope all who was in the floods and cyclone areas the best of luck with their insurance companys and their clean up. In saying this, I presume because of the bad weather we have had cancellations for accommodation from the start to the finish of 2011, so if you couldnt book in now might be your big chance....first in first served remember.
Until next time, keep safe and happy fishing,
von ireland
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