Weekly Report 16 Feb 11

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Weekly Report 16 Feb 11

Post by Brad » Wed Feb 16, 2011 7:42 am

Another very short report unfortunately. Very few serious fishers have bothered trying due to the weather, and there isn't too much light at the end of the tunnel either. No one has been able to get offshore, so nothing to report from out there. The water along the coast is dirty from the flooding and constant trawling in the bay, so give the beaches a big miss. That only leaves Coorooman Creek and Corio Bay and they have been very busy as you'd imagine. Fish have been hard to find in both locations, with only the odd barra around.

The Fitzroy River is still in minor flood, so only the netters, legal and illegal are getting barra. Maybe the freshwater lagoons are the best bet at the moment. Even though I wouldn't think about keeping a fish taken in freshwater to eat, it is fun catching and releasing them. As the moon builds to full over the coming week, the Causeway run-throughs will be popular. Once the tides get above about 4.3 metres though, the current is way too strong to fish effectively, so just go over and have a look at the spectacle of the water roaring under the bridge.

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